After the raid:

24th september 2013: Peoples Union of Civil Liberty (PUCL) made an appeal to the judiciary. Here is an excerpt:

PUCL also would like to point out that in the scheme of separation of powers, the judiciary is expected to play an independent, neutral, non-partisan role balancing the need for prosecution with safeguarding the liberties and fundamental rights of citizens. PUCL is concerned by the non-application of mind and the non-chalant attitude displayed by the judicial officers at the subordinate judiciary, which is the cutting edge of the operation of criminal justice system.

PUCL appeals to the judiciary, to implement not just the letter of the law but the spirit of the law underlying the separation of powers and independence of the judiciary. The ordinary citizen only has the judiciary to protect themselves against a vindictive, aggressive and intolerant state machinery. As a country we are going through troubled times when all the protective laws, from the Constitution to state laws, are being trampled with impunity by police officials, state functionaries and others. We appeal and have confidence that the judiciary will rise to the challenge and play the independent, objective and unbiased role it is expected to play as envisaged by the Constitution of India.

In conclusion, PUCL calls upon the Government of India and Maharashtra to:

  1. Immediately return the illegally seized articles from the house of Prof Saibaba during the illegal raid on 12th September, 2013;

  2. To conduct the enquiry u/s 160 CrPC in his residence at Delhi and not to arrest Prof Saibaba;

  3. To immediately stop the witch hunt against Prof Saibaba and other human rights defenders; and

  4. To stop forthwith all attempts to silence and criminalise dissent.

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