From Across the World

08-07-2014 Varberg (Sweden): Renowned author and academic Jan Myrdal wrote, “The reason Saibaba was imprisoned is that he is a leading Indian civil rights activist who actively made public and opposed the kinds of legal, police and military assaults that are now being made against indigenous people in the bloody “Operation Green Hunt.”

Professor GN Saibaba is now in bad health. He sits in an isolation cell in prison without access to the care he, as cardiac patient, needs. That the authorities in Maharashtra do not want to provide medical care is, given the caste and class-ridden nature of Indian society, quite obvious. Saibaba is one who, according to the traditional ruling class, should not have existed. He is from a poor peasant family in Andhra. He is wheelchair bound and 90% disabled…”

Indian Workers Association (Great Britain): Indian Workers Association, Great Britain appeals to all democratically thinking people, intellectuals, students and workers of Great Britain and around the world to condemn this fascist act of Indian Police and to demand his immediate and unconditional release. We appeal to all to stand by those who are already protesting against Dr Saibaba’s illegal arrest.

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