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After the raid:

12th September 2013: Arundhati Roy, Prof. Amit Bhaduri, Prof. Nandita Narain, Prof. Vijay Singh and many other concerned citizens issued a press statement after the police team raided the residence of Dr. G N Saibaba:

The search team confiscated a laptop, pen drives, hard drives, mobile phones, and college and university documents and files, among other things, none of which were “stolen property”. The search party did not follow due procedure as shown by the following facts: (i) the search party did not allow themselves to be searched at the outset to ensure that they were not planting any incriminating material; (ii) despite the request of Dr. GN Saibaba, no neutral observers were present during the search (two barely literate people from the vicinity were brought in, threatened and made to sign the seizure document despite the fact that the teachers of DU who had gathered outside the gate before his house offered to be observers and witnesses to the search); (iii) Dr. Saibaba was not allowed to talk to his lawyer and none of his colleagues and friends from the university were allowed to enter the house during the search; (iv) the proceedings of the search were videographed in a partial and a motivated way; (v) as per the testimony of the family, members of the search party locked themselves in various rooms of the house for long periods during which they were totally unobserved; (vi) the confiscated items were not sealed to prevent tampering.”

After the arrest:

9th May 2014: Many Delhi University Teachers and other eminent citizens gathered at the residents of issued a press release on hearing about the arrest. They wrote, “Dr. Saibaba has been facing harassment and intimidation for the couple of years…Clearly there is an attempt to frame him up. The Delhi University Teachers Association has earlier denounced these attempts by the police…Prof. Saibaba suffers from 90 per cent disabilities and is strapped to a wheelchair. To harass and intimidate him like this is a gross violation of his basic human rights…We strongly condemn this arbitrary and illegal action by the police in connivance with the University authorities. This is an attempt to stifle voices of dissent and suppress those who have been vocal against injustice and oppression.”

Click to read the statement.

14th May 2014: Delhi University Community Against Police Repression gave a Press Release in which it demanded “that the torture and confinement of Saibaba cease immediately and that he be released immediately and unconditionally. We further reiterate that till his release he be given all the facilities that are guaranteed by the law as a Physically Disabled Person.”

9th May 2015: Exactly a year after the arrest of Dr. G N Saibaba, Delhi University Teachers Association (DUTA), Teachers Associations representatives and other teachers of universities across Delhi, assembled in large numbers to protest the continued incarceration of Dr. Saibaba and to demand his immediate release. They staged a one-day hunger strike to press for their demand and to express solidarity with him. This event saw spirited protest full of songs of resistance, speeches by eminent citizens and enthusiastic response of teachers and students from various universities of Delhi. More than 30 teachers undertook hunger strike and more than 300 teachers and students came and expressed their solidarity. A Post Card (click to see) was released on this occasion where people wrote messages to demand release of Dr. Saibaba addressed to the Minister of Home Affairs, Government of India. The teachers released a solidarity statement (read it here) on this occasion.

Sachidanad Sinha, Sanjay Kak, A K Ramakrishna, Nandita Narain, Prashant Bhushan and Arundhati Roy releasing the Post Card

Sachidanad Sinha, Sanjay Kak, A K Ramakrishna, Ashok Bhowmick, Nandita Narain, Prashant Bhushan and Arundhati Roy releasing the Post Card

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