In India

10th May 2014: Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF) called for a protest demonstration at Maharashtra Sadan and appealed to revolutionary and democratic individuals and organizations to join in large numbers the PROTEST DEMONSTRATION against clandestine abduction of Dr. GN Saibaba by Maharashtra Police at Maharashtra Sadan, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, on 10th May (SATURDAY) at 11 am. Click here to read the RDF’S Protest Pamphlet.

21st May 2104: A protest meeting was organised within the university premises by the Delhi University Community in Solidarity with GN Saibaba. It demanded that “Professor G.N. Saibaba should be immediately and unconditionally released. His suspension from college be revoked without delay. The charges against Professor G.N. Saibaba under UAPA be scrapped immediately. Police interference in the University be stopped forthwith and the space to voice dissent should be protected. Action should be taken against the policemen who illegally abducted a 90% disabled wheel chair bound person and kept him in solitary confinement…

Click to read the Press Release.

6th November 2105: A Protest programme was organised in Delhi in which Defence Committee members Ashok Bhowmick and Sanjay Kak held a conversation with activist and writer of the book Colours of the Cage, a memoir of his long imprisonment on false charges. Hundreds of teachers, students, writers, artists, activists and journalists listened to and participated in the discussion about political prisoners, draconian laws, a reign of impunity enjoyed by the law enforcing agencies and Dr. GN Saibaba’s abduction and arrest.

22nd February 2015: A protest meeting was organised in the Political Science Department, University of Delhi in which Chairperson of the defence Commttee Prof. G Haragopal along with DUTA President Nandita Narain spoke highlighting the fascist tendencies of the Indian state and and a clampdown on dissenting voices. Dr. Saibaba’s abduction and arrest was seen as a reflection of the same tendency and repression of demcratic dissent.

27th February 2015: A protest meeting was organised in the Ambedkar University, Delhi by its Faculty Association in which teachers and students of DU, JNU, Jamia Miliya Islamia also participated. Many academics like Amit Bhaduri, Nandita Narain, Gopaljee Pradhan and Hany Babu spoke in the meeting demanding his immediate release and appealed to all democratic section to stand in solidarity with Dr. Saibaba.

23rd April 2015: A Press Conference was organised by the Committee for the Defence and Release of Dr. GN Saibaba which reported the deteriorating health of Dr. Saibaba in the hostile jail conditions because of which he was forced go for an indefinite hunger strike in the jail. Eminent citizens and Defence Committee members like Arundhati Roy, Amit Bhaduri, Sumit Chakravarty, Sanjay Kak, Nandita Narain, Uma Chakravarty, Hany Babu and AS Vasantha spoke. They demanded his immediate release.

9th May 2015: To mark the completion of one year of abduction of Dr. Saibaba from the University premises and his continued incarceration in the solitary confinement in the Nagpur Central Prison, a mass hunger strike was organised by the DUTA and the Committee for the Defence and Release of Dr. GN Saibaba in which hundreds of teachers and many students from DU, JNU, Jamia Milia Islamia, Ambedkar University and Indraprastha University participated. They demanded immediate release of Dr. Saibaba as they saw a clear threat to his life as the latest medical report showed life threatening situation because of continued incarceration.

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