13-05-2014 Frankfurt, Germany: A press release at a protest organized by Yeny Kadin (New Woman) YDG (New Democratic Youth) condemned the abduction of Dr. Saibaba by Indian civilian police officers at the Delhi University and which called to pressure the Indian state to release Saibaba.

13-05-2014 Den Haag, The Netherlands: Dr. Saibaba has challenged the Indian state, expose itspolitical agenda. We demand his immediate release.

13-05-2014 Basel, Switzerland: Switzerland Turkish Workers Federation (ITIF) called a meeting on May 16 in Basel to protest the abduction of Dr. G N Saibaba and decided to submit a file to Foreign Affairs commission of the Bern Central parliament.

14-05-2014 Hamburg, Germany: We strongly condemn these arrests and call all comrades in the German-speaking regions, anywhere in the world, to to unfold actions for the unconditional release of GN Saibaba.

14-05-2014 London : International Campaign to Free All Political Prisoners said that Dr . Saibaba exposed the war on people in India known as ‘Operation Green Hunt‘. He opposed the forced displacement of the millions of people from the resource and mineral-rich regions by domestic and international mining companies. We, the International Campaign to Free All Political Prisoners, on behalf of all progressive and democratic forces, are calling to participate in the protests until G N Saibaba is unconditionally released.

14-05-2014 New York: On behalf the steering committee of the International Campaign for the Freedom of All Political Prisoners (ICFAPP) we call on all progressive and democratic minded forces across the world to join protests against the abduction of Dr G N Saibaba and demand the his immediate and unconditional release.

02-06-2014 Panama: The Collectivo Luminoso Futuro calls all the democratic and revolutionary political parties, the unions, peasants and students organizations, the intellectuals and professionals committed to struggle a for freedom and social justice, to take stand by available means to condemn this arbitrary move of Indian government, which deprived Dr. G N Saibaba of his freedom and aims to deny his rights of opinion and organization.

13-06-2014: Brazilian Center of Solidarity with the Peoples (Cebraspo) demanded the immediate release of the professor in India, Dr. GN Saibaba an active defender of the rights of the people and democracy.

20-06-2014 Vancouver : “Immediately and unconditionally release Dr. Saibaba and all political prisoners”; “Scrap the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act and other pieces of legislation aimed at targeting, criminalizing and silencing political dissent;” and to “End Operation Green Hunt which is in fact a war against the people aimed at suppressing their legitimate struggles in order to pave the way for destructive and exploitative resource extraction.” – A protest organized by member organizations of the International League of People’s Struggle, South Asian Network for Secularism and Democracy, Alliance for Peoples Health, and Canada-Philippines Solidarity for Human Rights, and was joined by Red Sparks Union, East Indian Defence Committee and Revolutionary Student Movement.

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