Time Line

26 July 2013 – Newspapers reported that the home ministry had advised police chiefs of naxal affected states to invoke the anti-terror law against front organisations of the Maoists.

August 2013 – Revolutionary Democratic Front an organization in which Dr. GN Saibaba is Joint Secretary has been imposed ban and then renewed in Odisha and Andhra Pradesh. This is being challenged before the tribunal and the higher courts.

August 20 2013 – Hem Mishra abducted from Ballarshah railway station and then shown arrested in Aheri along with two adivasis Vijay Tirki and Pandu Narote.

August 23 2013 – Hem Mishra produced before Aheri magistrate with Vijay Tirki and Pandu Narote.

2 September 2013 – Prashant Rahi abducted from Raipur over night and brought to Deori in Maharashtra where he is declared arrested.

7 September 2013 – Judicial Magistrate (Aheri) NG Vyas issues a search warrant to recover stolen property from GN Saibaba’s house.

12 September 2013 – GN Saibaba’s home raided by 50 member police and intelligence personnel with a search warrant for alleged stolen property. They take away GN Saibaba’s personal laptop, hard disks and pen drives.

Delhi University Teachers Association protests this high-handedness of police and in its press release demand removal of the Vice-Chancellor for his complicity in allowing such an illegal act.

13 September 2013 – press conference at GN Saibaba’s residence addressed by intellectuals, teachers and civil society members.

17 September 2013- Summons issued to GN Saibaba to appear anywhere outside Delhi, preferably Nagpur, for further interrogation.

1 October 2013- Suhas Bawache, the Investigating Officer (IO) calls up Saibaba during his teaching hours in the college and asks for password to access the two hard disks. GN Saibaba after returning from college writes back and sends the passwords the same day through e-mail and requests to ensure that the hard disks are not tempered with.

26 October 2013 – NHRC sends notice to Maharashtra and Delhi Police asking why GN Saibaba was called to Maharashtra for interrogation. It also asked to inquire about the confiscation of laptops, hard disks, and many other materials in the name of search for stolen property. Four weeks time is given to file the reply. Response still awaited.

16 November 2013 – The MHA files an affidavit in the Supreme Court saying, “The ideologues and supporters of the CPI (Maoist) in cities and towns have undertaken a concerted and systematic propaganda against the state to project it in a poor light and also malign it through disinformation… In fact, it is these ideologues who have kept the Maoist movement alive and are in many ways more dangerous than the cadres of the People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army.”

31 December 2013 – Mail Today reported that the MHA is planning to target “front organizations” of the CPI (Maoist) and has made a list of 128 such organizations, and intends to treat sympathizers as Maoists.

3 January 2014 – Investigating Officer Bawache asked GN Saibaba for time for interrogation. Interrogation is scheduled for 7 January.

6 January 2014– IO Bawache informs late in the evening about the rescheduling of interrogation.

9 January 2014 – Dr. Saibaba is interrogated for more than three hours at his house by a team of policemen and intelligence personnel led by SDPO Suhas Bawache.

16 February 2014 – In the Charge Sheet filed, Saibaba is charged under Sections 13, 18, 20, 38 and 39 of UAPA. In the initial draft of the charge sheet Dr. Saibaba is shown as to be arrested.

9 May 2014– GN Saibaba is abducted 200 meters away from his home by plainclothes men while returning from evaluation duty within the university premises.

10 May 2014– Protest in front of Maharashtra Sadan against abduction of GN Saibaba.

13 May 2014 – Protests take place in Den Haag (The Netherlands), Frankfurt (Germany), and Basel (Switzerland) against the arrest.

14 May 2014 – Press Conference by Delhi University teachers, civil society members including Justice (Retd.) Rajinder Sachar at Press Club of India.

Protests take place in Hamburg (Germany) and New York (US).

15 May 2014– Dr. GN Saibaba is placed under suspension by Ram Lal Anand College, University of Delhi.

15 May 2014 – Protest Meeting at Hyderabad.

15 May 2014—Bail application filed in the Sessions Court under Section 439 of the Crpc.

19 May 2014– Protest meeting at Barnala, Punjab.

21 May 2014– Protest by teachers, students and non-teaching staff in Delhi University against the abduction of GN Saibaba.

22 May 2014 – The NHRC issues notices to Jail Superintendent of Nagpur Central Jail and asks to file detailed report within two weeks on the rights violation while Saibaba was abducted from Delhi. We are yet to hear anything in this regard.

28 May 2014 – Jan Sanskritik Manch organizes a protest meeting at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi.

3 June 2014 – Solidarity Meeting organized by Delhi University Community against Police Repression at Gandhi Peace Foundation.

13 June 2014 – Saibaba’s bail application filed on 15 May under Section 439 of the Crpc rejected.

20 June 2014 – A protest is organized in Vancouver (Canada) by member organizations of the International League of People’s Struggle, South Asian Network for Secularism and Democracy, Alliance for Peoples Health, and Canada-Philippines Solidarity for Human Rights, and was joined by Red Sparks Union, East Indian Defence Committee and Revolutionary Student Movement.

30 June 2014 – Defense Committee is declared.

8 July 2014 – A team led by the Retired High Court judge Justice Kolse Patil and including Varavara Rao and AS Vasantha visits GN Saibaba in jail to ascertain the jail conditions.

August 2014- Defense Committee initiates signature campaign

25 August 2014 — Saibaba’s bail application rejected by the High Court.

25 August 2014 – Prashant Rahi who as per the charge sheet has conspired with Dr. GN Saibaba is granted bail by the Bombay High Court.

28 October 2014- Pandu Narote and Mahesh Tirki are granted bail by the District and Session Court, Gadchiroli, Maharashtra.

6 November 2014 – A protest programme was organized in Delhi. Arun Ferreira spoke about his incarceration in Nagpur Jail on fabricated charges. Sanjay Kak, Shuddhabrata Sengupta, and Ashok Bhowmick discussed Ferreira’s book, Colours of the Cage. A signature campaign to free GN Saibaba is initiated.

17 January 2015- Prof. G Haragopal, Chairperson of the Committee for the Defence and Release of Dr. GN Saibaba meets Dr. Saibaba in Jail. Reports about the steady deterioration in his health.

20 January 2015- Medical Report as early as in January after a visit to the Government Medical College & Hospital Nagpur shows partial damage to cervical spine, dislocation of cervical vertibrae, and compression of nerve roots. This condition has further aggravated. The report also shows stones in the gall bladder.

12 February 2015 – The second bail application (under Section 439 of the Crpc) of GN Saibaba filed at the Sessions Court Gadchiroli under the instruction of the judge on Saibaba’s submission over video conference about steady deterioration in his health and lack of facilities in the anda cell.

03 March 2015 – bail order rejected by the same judge citing that he is being treated well in the prison!

03 April 2015 – Saibaba writes to his family about the drastic deterioration in his health. The bent in the spinal cord resulting in rib crowding that was earlier reported have further aggravated with his left hand becoming dysfunctional. There are stones detected in the gall bladder. The local doctors have advised him angiography due to the massive fluctuations in his ECG. Dr. Saibaba has been a cardiac patient.

11 April 2015 – Saibaba goes on hunger strike as he is denied even the little facilities that he used to get as a 90 percent disabled. The jail authorities even disallow the family members from giving him necessary medicines that he badly needs.

16 April 2015 – Saibaba taken to the Government Medical College Nagpur as he falls unconscious. A team leaves from Delhi and Hyderabad to meet him and persuade him to withdraw the hunger strike. The lawyers get an order passed by the Gadchiroli Sessions Court asking the jail authorities to give him all the facilities that were before. On the basis of this order he withdraws the hunger strike.

A press conference is convened after the team visit to the prison and the hospital. Dr. Hany Babu, Shoma Sen, Advocate Kale and others demand the immediate release of Dr. GN Saibaba.

23 April 2015 – Press Conference convened by the Committee for the Defence and Release of Dr. GN Saibaba addressed by Prof. Amit Bhaduri, Arundhati Roy, Nandita Narain, Sumit Chakravarty, Hany Babu, Sanjay Kak, Uma Chakravarty, Vijay Singh, Vikas Vajpayee and AS Vasantha. The panel raises the concern that there is an attempt to finish him off in the prison by denying him his fundamental rights as a 90 percent disabled. Immediate Release of Saibaba demanded.

27 April 2015 – Third bail application filed under Section 439 of the Crpc about the deteriorating health of Dr. GN Saibaba and the complete non-cooperation of the prison authorities and Nagpur police on his medical treatment. The petition also points out that the police and the prison authorities have misled the court into believing that they are taking adequate of the 90 percent disabled political prisoner.

09 May 2015 – As it is a year of continuing incarceration of Dr. GN Saibaba in the anda cell the Committee for the Defence and Release of Dr. GN Saibaba along with Delhi University Teachers Association (DUTA) organizes a day long hunger strike before the Arts Faculty which evokes tremendous response from teachers and students from Delhi University, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Ambedkar University, Indraprastha University and Jamia Millia Islamia. Speakers after speakers condemn the inhuman incarceration of Dr. GN Saibaba and demand his immediate release. They all suspect that there is a conspiracy to finish him off in the prison. Release Dr. GN Saibaba post card campaign initiated.

A massive Dharna is organized by the Struggle Committee for the Release of GN Saibaba (AP-Telangana).

Protest programmes are also organized in Punjab.

09 May 2015 – report of urinary problems along with the detection of stones in the kidney of Dr. GN Saibaba.

11 May 2015 – The latest medical report filed before the Sessions Court Gadchiroli by the Superintendent Nagpur Central Prison and the Chief Medical Officer, Nagpur Central Prison shows that Dr. GN Saibaba is a known case of Systemic Hypertension with ischemic heart disease with cervical radiculopathy left side with bilateral kidney stone (left kidney 0.6 cm and right kidney 0.7 cm in size) with gall bladder stone (0.5 cm in size) with kyphoscoliosis. It further states that Saibaba has kyphoscoliosis causing rib crowding. Further the ECG of GN Saibaba was carried out on 12/03/2015 which showed ischemic changes and the expert cardiologist of the Government Super Specialty Hospital, Nagpur and Government Medical College & Hospital Nagpur have advised him coronary angiography for his further management. It also notes that this is urgent to prevent any possibility of any blocks in the vessel that can result in acute life threatening emergency.

16 May 2015 – Dr. Ramdev, brother of Saibaba along with his family visits him in the prison. The mulaqaat is allowed only in the fag end of the day around 5 pm, that too for a short 15 minutes. Ramdev finds his brother in a delicate health condition and then reports to Advocate Surendra Gadling.

18 May 2014 — Another affidavit is filed by Dr. Ramdev after his prison visit seeing the abysmal condition of Dr. GN Saibaba before the Sessions Court Gadchiroli. The affidavit points out a drastic deterioration ever since the earlier visit of Ramdev on 17.04.2015. The health is more degraded due to new formation and aggravation of presence of stones of appreciable size in the kidney and gall bladder. It further points out that Saibaba is not able to pass urine, an indicative symptom of failure of his renal system which is a very serious problem that could lead to dysfunction of Kidneys. He can pass urine only after taking some drugs provided by the Chief Medical Officer, Nagpur Central Jail for temporary relief. The affidavit was heard along with the bail application on the 18.

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