23rd May 2015: All India Convention to demand release of Dr. G N Saibaba.

All India Convention: 23rd May 2015
All India Convention: 23rd May 2015

Teachers, Students, Artists, Activists, Lawyers, Jurists will come for a day long convention to demand immediate release of Dr. G N Saibaba. We appeal to all to come and participate in this convention.

Venue: Hindi Bhawan, Near ITO, New Delhi. Time; 11:00 AM to 5:00PM.


9th May 2015: One day mass hunger strike to protest the continued incarceration of G N Saibaba

HUNGER STRIKE !To mark the completion of one year in prison. To save his life and to free him, teachers from Delhi Uiversity and from other universities across Delhi will participate in one-day hunger strike. We appeal everyone to join the hunger strike.

From 09:00 AM, in front of Arts Faculty Gate, University of Delhi, Delhi.

One thought on “Events

  1. It’s same that P M Modi is conceiting that” Democracy is in the DNA of India” and at thesame time
    his Government is giving life to the4 most Draconian State Repressive Act , U A P A and those are raising voices against Govt Repressive Activities upon rural and urban poors and raising resistances
    against undemocratic unconstitutional programs have arrested under this Act and kept in Jail to be
    torchered to death in one day. The arresting of Dr.Saibaba in Delhi and also Chatradhar Mahato, Prosun Chattopadhay & othyers in W Bengal is the recent instances of the most undemocratic acts
    of both State And Central govt which must be condemed by all Democracy lover peoples.


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