Committee for the Defence and Release of Dr. G N Saibaba

Prof A K Ramakrishnan (Centre for West Asian Studies, JNU)
Prof Amit Bhaduri (Professor Emeritus, JNU)

Prof Anand Teltumbde (Writer and Activist)
Arundhati Roy (Writer and Activist)
Ashok Bhowmick (Artist and Activist)
Prof. G Hargopal (Centre for Human Rights, University of Hyderabad, [retd.])
Hany Babu (Professor, University of Delhi)

Prof Jagmohan Singh (Retd.) (Association for Democratic Rights)
Karen Gabriel (St Stephens College, DU)
(General Secretary)
N Raghuram (IP University; ex-President, IPUTA)
Nandita Narain (St Stephens College, DU; President, DUTA)
P K Vijayan (Hindu College, DU)

Rona Wilson (Committee for the Release of Political Prisoners)
Sanjay Kak (Independent filmmaker and activist)
Seema Azad (Journalist, Editor, Dastak, and PUCL Activist)
Sri Krishnadeva Rao (Registrar, National Law University, Delhi)
Sudhir Dhawale (Journalist, Editor, Vidrohi, and Activist)
Sumit Chakravartty (Editor, Mainstream)
Vikas Gupta (Dept of History, DU)

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