The abduction and arrest of Dr. G N Saibaba is a manifestation of political malaise of the Indian state. This exposes a deep crisis in Indian politics today. It is clear that the political establishment is subservient to corporate and multinational interests, the very interests that is bent on flattening a vast section of the poorest of the poor to extract resources, exploit labour and is willing to use unmitigated force to extinguish all forms of dissent. This arrest and continued incarceration of Dr. Saibaba is part of this effort to silence voices of dissent that have spoken openly against the Indian State’s war on its own people in the name of ‘development’. Today, it is clear that like Dr. Saibaba we can all be posed as dissenting voices for our support of struggles against the state’s imposition of its idea of development. This idea of development is now being put to practice at our work places, in our personal and private lives, as well as in the ideological, political and economic spheres. All of us can be ‘jailed’ at our homes and in public for merely expressing our views and practicing what we imbibe as an alternate and independent idea.

When the state is bent upon curtailing its citizens democratic right to independent thinking and expression, it is up to us as concerned citizens to come together and oppose this move in every possible way. In defending Dr. Saibaba and all such voices, we need to bring individuals and organisations across the spectrum of political orientation to stand together for the right to democratic dissent. A concerted political and legal campaign for the defence and release of Dr. Saibaba is an effort to free one such voice and strengthen the fight for the release of thousands of such voices languishing in the jails all over the country.

In our fight for the release of Dr. Saibaba and for the right to democratic dissent, we require mobilisational as well as financial support. We appeal to our sympathisers and supporters to help us reach out to the widest possible audience by organising seminars, group discussions and talks on the right to dissent and the scope of practicing alternative politics in our respective institutions. As financial support to fight the legal battle and for meeting the expenses of this campaign, we appeal to everyone to contribute liberally and help in raising a corpus fund. We are looking forward to standing together in solidarity and striving to defend democracy in its most germane form and truest sense with our fundamental right to speak up.

Letter From G N Saibaba

Date: 10 June 2014

Nagpur Central Jail

I am glad to note that the teachers of Delhi University are taking the initiative to secure my release and to work for my defence. I welcome this initiative and appeal to all my colleagues in the teaching community, in Delhi University and in other educational institutions, as well as to all other democratic and freedom loving sections, intellectuals, journalists and cultural workers, to support this important initiative.Letter fron G

I believe that a coordinated attempt under this initiative of the Delhi University teachers would go a long way in the campaign for my rights, and I am hopeful that this will ensure my early release.

(Dr. G N Saibaba)

Asst. Prof., Ram Lal Anand College,

Delhi University

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